Jackie Ranken – Twizel, South Island of New Zealand 

I am a photographic artist who uses photography and mixed media to express my emotions and ideas about this world that we live in.

“We learn about the photographic process from the inside out. It starts from the heart when we photograph the things that we love and things that we love doing. As time goes by we can’t help but want to make better photographs, so we learn from others as well as learn from the mistakes that we inevitably make. Over time our photography improves but we want to keep getting better, so we search for new ideas and learn from the ‘doing of it’ and taking part in what is going on in the world”. 

For the past twenty years and more I have been sharing my knowledge and passion for photography with others. I find the teaching and the learning process compliments one another. 

Currently running small group Creative Photography Workshops with my husband , Mike Langford in New Zealand. Mike and I are both Canon Masters and EIZO Ambassadors and Grand Masters of the Australian and New Zealand Professional Institutes of Photography.


Having some sort of studio space is a very important room for me to have. It is a place where I can be as messy or as tidy as I like. I can play music although I most often prefer silence. It gets messy when I am in the middle of a project and ideas are flying around my head as well as sometimes in the space.

I can control the light, the air and the heat. 

It’s a versatile space, I can pin prints to the walls and hang up anything that interests me. In recent times you will find me working with Encaustic Wax. This process allows me to apply an extra layer of texture, mark making and individuality to a print. It allows for multi media applications and takes me back to Art School and feeling more like an artist. 

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